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Why Are Background Checks On Employees Important?

How can you be sure of who you are hiring? Background checks on employees are an ideal solution to allow you to be confident with your candidates and ensure they are who they say they are. Find out more about the importance of background checks here.

What is a Background Check?

Exactly what you might think. A background check on an employee is to ensure that the information they have given during the hiring process is accurate and there are no red flags that might cause the company issues. This includes various types of checks that may stop dangerous individuals from being hired into places with vulnerable groups, such as children. 

These investigations are completely legal and can be carried out by professional UK private detectives like Verity Henton. They will act discreetly to obtain the information and evidence, without being discovered. All at the individual or company’s discretion.

Why Should an Employer Conduct Background Checks?

Especially in large organisations, it can be hard to know who to trust. With a large volume of applicants and members of staff, there is always a risk that your employees are leading secret lives. Conducting background checks on employees is a resourceful tactic to help remove potentially unsafe candidates and eliminate the risk of illegal activity at the workplace. 

Background checking, in certain industries, is legally obliged and vitally important for all staff members. For example, in educational institutions, DBS checks are an essential safeguarding protocol that ensures the safety of children and young people. Or, at large events with high-profile guests, you should be fully aware of the history of all staff members to avoid this risk. 

But overall, it ensures that nothing ruins your company’s reputation. It creates a safe working environment for the rest of the staff, so they are not forced to work with dangerous individuals.

Types of Background Checks on Employees

At Verity Henton, our background checks on employees range depending on the specific requirements and how comprehensive the employer needs the report to be. Our UK private detectives can check whether an employee has been telling the truth with their application. 

Background checks on employees can include:

  • Identity Checks – validating the identity they have given (including names, addresses and history)
  • Employment History – their previous employments and reasons for leaving
  • Criminal history/court checks – research with the courts to discover criminal offences the person has been dealt with for.
  • Fraud – Anti Money Laundering check is a vital component of employment screening and customer due diligence to ensure that your candidates and customers are not attempting to launder money through your business/company.
  • Credit History – finding an employee’s history of credit
  • CCJ and Bankruptcy Checks

What Shows Up On a Background Check?

Despite certain background checks on employees offering more specific information, generally speaking, there will be consistent evidence in any type of background check. Our private investigators in London and Essex operate all around the country to ensure checks are comprehensive, accurate and delivered efficiently within the time frame given. 

This will include full details on the employee’s identity (name, date of birth and address) and their national insurance number validation. Also, we will investigate their credit report and ensure there are no red flags regarding debt or suspicious activity. In addition, we will conduct a court check which is a great way of finding out if the person has any convictions in the last ten years, without requiring a DBS check. 

Our UK private detectives will use the information that the employee has given the company and confirm that they all match our findings. If not, we will complete a report that can then be used as evidence should the matters become a legal issue. 

Our Private Investigators in London and Essex

Verity Henton are a team of female private investigators in London and Essex, covering the whole of the UK. Our services offer a full range of discreet and comprehensive investigations, including background checks on employees, tracing people and detailed surveillance. For more information on our corporate background checks, click here.

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