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Corporate Background Checks

Verity Henton corporate background checks


Background Checks on Employees

In a business environment, it is important that you trust your employees. So, employing a new member of staff can sometimes be tricky. At Verity Henton, we offer corporate investigations to ensure that there are no unnecessary risks within your workplace. 

Hiring a UK private investigator is an ideal solution for any uncertainties in your business. We perform a comprehensive report and thorough background checks on their history and life to guarantee they are who they say they are. We use the latest technology and up-to-date systems to ensure a fast and effective conclusion.


What Services do we provide?

We can provide you with details on the following:

  • Current and previous addresses
  • Date of birth
  • Aliases and previous names
  • Property ownership
  • Bankruptcies and CCJs
  • Businesses connected with
  • Press, media and internet articles
  • Previous address and linked address searches
  • Employment and career history
  • Criminal background checking
  • Right to work check
Verity Henton corporate background checks
Verity Henton corporate background checks

Make Sure You Know Who You’re Hiring

Corporate Background Checks

At Verity Henton, we can find out all you need to know about a person. We treat each background check as an investigation, thinking outside the box to get as much information on an individual as possible.

We also perform standard identity checks to make sure the person you are hiring is who they say they are. If you are a business looking for comprehensive background checks, contact Verity Henton today and speak to our UK private investigators.

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