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Corporate People Tracing

At Verity Henton, our skilled team of private investigators in London have a high success rate of finding people. With access to an extensive network of resources, our male and female detectives have the best chance of tracing a person. In fact, we offer a “no trace, no fee” guarantee!

In a business environment, you may need help finding people. Especially for solicitors, creditors and other high-end industries and individuals to locate assets.

Verity Henton corporate people tracing

Tracing a Person

What is Debtor Tracing?

Our UK private detectives take on professional and commercial cases of debtor tracing for large corporations and high-end individuals.

Debtor tracing involves utilising the same covert techniques. Only this time, it is tracing a person that owes money to another party. Our UK private detectives treat each person trace as an investigation, thinking outside the box and doing all it takes to locate the individual.  

Without the right tracing agency, this can be a long and time-consuming process. Here at Verity Henton, we work discreetly and efficiently to get your results in the shortest amount of time. With a “no trace, no fee”, what have you got to lose?

Tracing a Person

Who We Can Help

At Verity Henton, our UK private investigators operate across the country, and in some cases, internationally. Finding people can be difficult for businesses to execute. That’s why we offer corporate people tracing services for a variety of businesses and high-end individuals. This may include:

  • Locating former spouses in divorce and child support cases
  • Tracing a property owner
  • Debtor tracing 
  • Legal tracing
  • Tracing a person for solicitors

If you require help tracing a person, contact our male and female detectives at Verity Henton today and see how we can assist your company.

Verity Henton corporate people tracing

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