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Covert Event Profiling

Covert Event Profiling

Make Sure Your Event Goes Off Without a Hitch

Covert Event Profiling

At Verity Henton, we operate both personal and commercial cases. Our team of male and female profiling operatives are highly experienced and professional, to ensure you are getting the most reliable and personalised covert security service.

Our profiling operatives are all ex-police. So, we understand how to operate discreetly throughout covert security operations. When it comes to high-end events and large corporations, you want to be sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Consider working with our private investigation company. Our operatives blend in with their surroundings, all while watching your guests as they go through your venue. Add an extra layer of security to your risk assessment to ensure that there are no issues with licensing and ask us to work alongside your overt security team.

We work at events such as Royal Ascot and large festivals; ensuring that everybody is safe throughout the event and any suspicious activity is dealt with immediately.

Ex-Police Detectives

Covert Security

Typically, once guests have spotted uniformed security officers and sniffer dogs, they may start acting suspiciously or trying to move away from the overt security officers.

Our ex-police male and female operatives will look like event attendees, discreetly watching people to identify any suspicious behaviour. We work closely with the overt security team, who if anything does happen, can remove the guests without revealing our undercover operatives.

If your business is hosting a high-end event, why risk it? Contact us today and see how our private investigators in London and Essex can help.

Covert Event Profiling

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