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Detecting Financial Exploitation: The Role of Private Investigators

Financial exploitation is a growing concern in today’s world.


Nowadays, people are becoming more selfish and taking advantage of the good nature of people. You may have suspicions that somebody in your life isn’t in it for the right reasons and maybe you feel they are taking advantage of you. In such cases, private investigators can play a crucial role in gathering solid evidence for you to make an informed decision about the relationship.


What is Financial Exploitation?


Financial exploitation is a type of abuse that involves the improper use or manipulation of an individual’s finances or assets for personal gain. 


It can happen to people of any age or socioeconomic background, not just the vulnerable but quite often educated, professional people who are usually very switched on.


Financial exploitation can take many forms. This includes stealing money or property or coercing someone into signing financial documents. However, we’re finding quite often, a person will enter a relationship with a wealthy individual, coming across as if it’s genuine and that they love the person, only for the wealthy person to gradually see red flags. It may be that this person only lets them into the parts of their life they want them to see.  


Moreover, it can cause significant harm, both financially and emotionally, to the victim and can be difficult to detect and recover from. 


Who Commits Financial Exploitation?

Financial exploitation can be committed by anyone, and anyone can be a victim of it. 


9 Signs You Are Being Financially Exploited

Here are 9 indicators that you are being financially exploited.


  • You feel like you are giving more in a relationship and it doesn’t feel balanced. Maybe, your partner always expects expensive gifts but doesn’t reciprocate. 
  • You notice that your financial situation is drastically worse than it was before you became involved with a certain person.
  • You are persuaded to take out loans in your name for someone else’s benefit.
  • You are regularly asked to lend or give money to someone. Despite their lack of effort to improve their own financial situation.
  • You know there will be consequences if you don’t provide money or other financial resources to someone. This may be something seemingly insignificant such as the person being in a bad mood with you.
  • You feel guilty or ashamed for saying no to someone’s financial requests. Even if it puts you in a precarious financial situation.
  • You suspect that the person is only interested in spending time with you when they know there is a financial benefit involved. They do not see you because they care for you on an emotional or personal level.
  • You feel like you are constantly bailing out someone financially. For example, as a family member or partner, who never seems to repay you.
  • Your bank accounts and credit cards show unexplained activity, such as withdrawals or charges that you did not make.


How Can Private Investigators Help?

Are you sensing that your partner is exploiting you for financial gain? Or, do you have a suspicion that a family member manipulating you for their benefit? Hiring a private investigator can help. 


Here are some of the ways our private investigators at Verity Henton can help you.


  • Background checks: Verity Henton provides comprehensive background check services, aimed at verifying the true identity of the person you have doubts about. Our experienced private investigators will conduct a diligent investigation to verify the accuracy of their claimed residential address, employment status, criminal history, and even their marital status.


  • Lifestyle surveillance: Our private investigators will thoroughly examine the individual who you suspect of financially exploiting you. We will scrutinise their actions, associates, and whereabouts during times when they are not communicating or spending time with you.


  • Ongoing support: Upon completion of the investigation, our team at Verity Henton offer follow-up services, aftercare support, and any additional assistance that may be required. You will never feel alone, we’re here for you through this emotional time.


Why Opt for a Private Investigator?

Private investigators can dedicate time and effort to closely monitoring individuals. This includes verifying their identities, and gathering additional information about their actions and associates.


Moreover, our private investigators offer a personalised service and build strong relationships with our clients. Providing emotional support and tailored solutions throughout the investigation process.


How Can Verity Henton Can Help You?

With many years of experience in the field, our team of private investigators in London is well-versed in uncovering the truth.  Additionally, we possess a range of skills and have access to diverse networks of resources that enable us to assist in solving any case. Please call or WhatsApp us on 020 3916 5917 to talk to us. Or to stay up to date with us, follow us on Instagram.