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Detecting Infidelity: Changing Behaviours Around Phone Use

Detecting Infidelity: Changing Behaviours Around Phone Use

When it comes to investigations around infidelity, one of the most telling signs can be a change in
the way a partner or spouse uses their phone around you. Our expertise in interpreting and
investigating these changes is exactly what’s needed to get to the truth.

We know exactly what to look for, and we’re ready to apply a proper strategy to help you.

Sudden Increase in Privacy

A sudden change in how someone treats their phone, such as suddenly taking it everywhere or being overly protective, can indicate that something isn’t right. Verity Henton’s approach is to look at the overall details as you describe them to us and be completely honest as to whether you should be concerned or not.

We’ve seen enough of these cases now to give you proper reassurance based on the facts.

If we genuinely don’t think there’s likely to be anything wrong, we’ll tell you rather than waste your time.

Change in Communication Patterns

An abrupt change in how often your partner uses their phone, especially for messaging or social media, could indicate infidelity. This includes extended periods spent on the phone using it at unusual times. Verity Henton’s team assesses such changes, correlating them with other factors to build a comprehensive picture.

New Passwords and Security Measures

The introduction of new PINs, passwords or any increased security on a phone, particularly if this wasn’t a concern before, can be indicative of a desire to hide something. While keeping a phone secure is important, any drastic changes can be a sign of secretive behaviour.

Avoiding Phone Use in Your Presence

If your partner starts to avoid using their phone around you, stepping out to take calls or replying to messages privately, it could be cause for suspicion. These shifts in behaviour are considered in the larger context of an investigation.

For example, a subtle but telling change can be that the phone is always placed ‘screen down’ suddenly. This could be nothing, but if it’s one of several new behaviours, we can get to the bottom of it for you.

Unexplained Expenses or Apps

Discovery of unexplained expenses related to phone use, like purchases for apps or services you’re not aware of, can be a clue. Similarly, the presence of new apps, particularly those geared towards discreet messaging or dating, can be significant. Our investigations often involve looking into such financial and digital footprints.

Phone applications that are designed to support cheating are often billed under a generic or misleading name on purpose. These are the kind of signs that we’re trained to uncover.

The Advantage of Working With Us

Understanding behavioural changes requires a nuanced approach that blends observational skills with an up-to-date understanding of digital activity. Our team is skilled in making these assessments and using these behavioural cues as part of a wider strategy to uncover the truth.
So yes, changes in phone use can be a key indicator of infidelity – and often are. Verity Henton’s professional services are designed to sensitively and discreetly handle such situations, providing clarity and insight while respecting privacy and legal boundaries. Don’t allow your concerns to build and potentially cause you to do something that could be harmful in the long run.
Get in touch for a no obligation consultation and put our investigative expertise to use in helping to give you the answer that you’re looking for.