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How Private Investigators Can Help in Divorce Cases in the UK

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process for everyone involved, and sometimes it can be necessary to turn to a private investigator for help.

Private investigators can provide valuable support during this difficult time by offering a range of services tailored to the needs of individuals going through a divorce. With the use of advanced techniques and equipment, private investigators can monitor a spouse’s activities. Thus, providing concrete evidence of any activity that may be taking place. 


Divorce Case Causes and How Private Investigators Can Help


Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce in the UK. Although divorces are now ‘no fault’ and you won’t need evidence of infidelity for the court, you will need hard evidence for yourself. It can be difficult to prove without the help of a private investigator. A private investigator can conduct surveillance and gather evidence such as photographs or video footage of an affair or of living arrangements to help with financial settlements. This evidence can be used to support a divorce case. As well, it can also help individuals to make informed decisions about the future of their relationship.


In addition to infidelity, private investigators can also help to trace hidden assets during a divorce. It is not uncommon for one spouse to hide assets during divorce proceedings in an attempt to keep them out of the settlement. A private investigator can use a range of techniques, such as financial analysis and surveillance, to locate these assets. This ensures that they are included in the settlement.


Private investigators can also provide testimony in court to support a court case. This can be particularly useful if one spouse is disputing the evidence presented by the other. A private investigator can present their findings in court and provide expert testimony to support the evidence, helping to strengthen the case.


Choosing a Private Investigator


Private investigation is unregulated in the UK and the industry is plagued with rogue “investigators”. When choosing a private investigator to work, it is important to ensure that they are registered with a reputable association such as the Association of British Investigators (ABI). This will ensure that they are operating within the law and that any evidence they gather will be admissible in court.


It is also important to choose a private investigator with experience in divorce cases. Divorce cases can be complex and emotional. It is important to work with an investigator who understands the sensitivity of the situation and can provide support throughout.


Emotional Support


Divorce cases can be highly sensitive and can involve feelings of betrayal, anger, and devastation. Verity Henton Private investigators will deal with your case with compassion and understanding. This helps our clients feel heard, validated, and supported. Additionally, Verity Henton’s private investigators can also refer clients to counselling or other forms of emotional support.


How Verity Henton Can Help You


Our experienced team of private investigators in London has ample experience in supporting divorce cases and finding out the truth. Our private investigators have the skills to help with the case and we have access to a network of resources.  Please contact us on 020 3916 5917 to talk to us or to stay up to date with us, follow us on Instagram.