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How To Catch a Cheating Partner

You have a gut feeling that your partner is having an affair, but you lack evidence to support this. You’re not able to contact him for a couple of hours. She is quick to leave the house in the morning. Intimacy no longer exists, and he is staying over at ‘work’ more frequently. She has changed her social media passwords, and he covers his phone as he texts. She begins to get an increasing amount of ‘business calls’, he comes home later and later each Saturday night. The signs are all there, but how do you actually catch a cheating partner

Today, you can hide apps, delete text messages that have already been sent, mute chats, delete call logs, and—most significantly—download a dating app and meet someone within an hour. Though cheating has become easy, and people have become more clever at covering their tracks, catching an unfaithful partner is easier thank you may think. Here are a few tips to catching a cheating partner…

Mix up Your Routine

If you are consistently leaving and returning home at the same time everyday, they are able to use this to their advantage. If you routinely visit your parents on a Sunday, they know to only invite their secret partner then. Start leaving later, returning earlier, staying at home more often – they won’t expect it. This will allow you to notice if they begin to act frustrated and confused. A devoted partner is likely to overlook changes that only slightly inconvenience them. A cheating partner will likely feel annoyed with these changes. 

Read over Your Bills 

If your partner is the one who typically checks over the bills, it’s your time to take charge. This could be a massive giveaway that your partner is being unfaithful to you. If they have purchased a luxurious gift in the previous months, that you are unaware of, then this could be a breakthrough. As well, checking their phone bills can allow you to see who and when they’ve been calling. If she said she was out with her friends at the weekend, then why was she calling an unrecognised number at 1am? If they are insistent on you not checking their statements, that is even more grounds for suspicion.

Go over Their Story

If they said their train was delayed, check the timetable online. If they said their phone died, but they posted an Instagram story, confront them. If they said they’re only visiting a friend, check their location. a cheating partner would be offended by this request, but a faithful one wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Catch them in their lies during general conversation too. ask them how their friend was and from their reply, you may be able to tell that they’re lying. 

Hire a Private Investigator

For those that can spare a penny or two, hiring a private investigator will help you catch your cheating partner. There are various different methods we can use to get your partner’s whereabouts. We will get photographic evidence of anything untoward taking place. all without your partner ever finding out.

Verity Henton

At Verity Henton, we have a team of both male and female private investigators in London and Essex, covering the entirety of the UK. Our services offer a full range of discrete and comprehensive investigations, including background checks, tracing people, and helping uncover a cheating partner.

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