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Is My Partner Cheating?

Is Your Partner Cheating?

Every relationship is different. And we’ve all had relationship problems. However, we all know when something just doesn’t feel right. They’re making excuses. You have the feeling that you’re being lied to. This doesn’t automatically result in a cheating partner. But, for your own peace of mind, wouldn’t you like to be 100% confident in them?

It’s not the same for every couple. Yet, there are certain common signs of a cheating partner that you should be aware of. If you are experiencing any of these signs, then it might be time to consider UK private investigators that can give you photographic evidence either way. 

Changes in Attitude

Communication issues are never a good thing. There may be an underlying problem if you can’t get your spouse to talk (or even fight) with you. Do they no longer want to discuss their day with you? “I love you” is a thing of the past. If they act differently, this could be a sign of a cheating partner. 

Your partner may experience work issues and stress or other relationship problems that affect their attitude. This may include your partner experiencing signs of low self-esteem, them being more negative than before and becoming critical of your behaviour. 

Uncomfortable Friends

In comparison to you, cheaters are more likely to be careless about hiding their tracks in front of their own friends. A cheating partner naturally may confide in their friends, who then feel obligated to keep secrets. Because of this, there is a strong chance your partner’s friends may be aware of what’s really happening before you do. 

Those friends might become uncomfortable and apprehensive around you since they are privy to information that you are not. Look out for a change in their behaviour as well as the partner you suspect.

Changes in Sexual Activity

This works either way. It is said it is common for a cheating partner to decrease the frequency of sex and other intimate acts at home, as they are receiving it elsewhere. You might be experiencing considerably less intimate connection within your relationship and that, in some cases, is practically non-existent. 

However, certain cheating partners will also increase the level of intimacy, due to being guilt-ridden over the affair. They may try to have sex more at home, satisfying their partner so they don’t suspect any adultery. 

False Accusations of Cheating

When someone engages in projection, they begin to accuse others of the same negative behaviour as they assume everyone else will be doing it. The cheating partner may project their own insecurities and guilt onto their spouse.

It’s also possible for your partner to accuse you of cheating when they aren’t projecting their feelings but rather are merely envious or insecure. Unfortunately, that’s still a negative sign because cheaters frequently exhibit this kind of insecurity and jealousy. Some people admitted to cheating on their partners as retaliation, when they thought their partners had cheated first.

Financial Issues

Financial strain may cause various relationship problems. These are also common signs of infidelity in a relationship.

Look for credit card statements that don’t make sense. If there are large expenses that are not accounted for and that they are lying about. Also, if money becomes more of an issue between the two of you, it might be time to look for a solution.

What Should You Do?

Even when you approach your partner with allegations of infidelity, it will usually be refuted. Many people won’t admit to being unfaithful until you can provide them with concrete evidence.

At Verity Henton, we offer a variety of relationship investigations, including covert surveillance of a suspected cheating partner. Our male and female detectives operate discreetly and always with your feelings as a priority. We understand, no matter the outcome, this will be an emotional experience. So, we’re here every step of the way in any way we can.

Our Private Investigators in London and Essex

Verity Henton is a team of male and female private investigators in London and Essex, covering the whole of the UK. Our services offer a full range of discreet and comprehensive investigations, including background checks, tracing people and helping uncover a cheating partner. 

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