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Is My Personal Assistant Stealing From Me?

When you hire a personal assistant, you want to be able to place an enormous amount of trust into them. You should be able give them full access to all corners of your business and personal lives, without thinking they will go behind your back and betray you. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people – as 43% of household staff have admitted to stealing from their employer. 

What Precautions Should I Take Before Hiring A Personal Assistant

You should conduct a background check before hiring a personal assistant. A background check can reveal details about someone’s employment history, address, education, criminal history, financial history, and previous addresses. You can then use the information you obtain to decide whether the person is suited to work in your house or office for you. Additionally, it is a warning sign if the applicant is unable to give references from their former employers, which implies that they have a lack of consistency in their employment history and are probably unreliable. 

Signs Your Personal Assistant Is Stealing From You

  • Missing/damaged inventory. 
  • Payroll is incorrect.
  • Poor work performance.
  • Staying late/coming in too early.
  • Sudden expensive purchases
  • Items being moved from their original location

What Steps Should I Take If I Think My Assistant Is Stealing From Me?

You should first contact the police if you have concrete evidence that your PA is stealing from you. Notifying the police will ensure they will face the repercussions of their conduct. 

As there are laws in place that could get you into trouble for doing this, do not reduce any payment from their wage for the hours worked. 

If you do not yet have concrete evidence that your member of staff is stealing from you, a discreet private investigator can conduct surveillance on the individual to gather evidence of theft, which can then be passed to the police or dealt with internally.

Try to refrain from discussing it with other staff members as this may lower morale. Use this experience as a lesson when recruiting future employees.

How Verity Henton Can Help You

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