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I’ve provided for my Kids, but I’m still worried about them when I travel abroad.

Understanding Your Concerns

As wealthy individuals embrace opportunities to travel extensively or reside overseas for significant periods, concerns naturally arise regarding the wellbeing and safety of their adult children back in the UK. Exploring new cultures and destinations is a really worthwhile part of  life, but it leaves many parents dealing with the question: How can we ensure our adult children stay out of trouble in our absence?

These worries are totally understandable; from financial mismanagement and susceptibility to negative influences, to engaging in risky behaviours or even problems with the law. Adult offspring, often enjoying their prime years of independence, might not always foresee the consequences of their actions, especially when the guiding presence of their parents is oceans away.

A Proactive Strategy for Prevention

Prevention, driven by open dialogue and education, stands as the first line of defence. Encouraging responsible behaviour, discussing the repercussions of legal troubles, and fostering financial literacy from an early age can lay a solid foundation. However, words may sometimes fall short in the absence of supervision, necessitating additional safeguards.

We’d certainly recommend ground rules… with potential consequences if you are subsidising a comfortable life for your son or daughter.

The Role of Private Investigation in Preventative Measures

We offer a discreet yet effective specialist service which guarantees a watchful eye over adult children. Here’s how we can help:

  • Lifestyle Assessments: A comprehensive evaluation to understand your child’s social circle, habits, and frequented locales, aiming to identify any potential red flags before they escalate into serious issues.
  • Financial Oversight: For those concerned about irresponsible finance management, we are able to assist with monitoring how they spend their money.
  • Discreet Surveillance: In cases where there’s a tangible concern over activity or who they spend time with, our surveillance services offer peace of mind, ensuring that any troubling behaviour is observed and addressed promptly.
  • Crisis Intervention: In the worst case, our team is prepared to offer immediate assistance, potentially extracting individuals from harmful situations, ensuring minimal fallout. 

Empowering with Knowledge and Support

Beyond surveillance and intervention, we believe in empowering young (and sometimes not so young) adults to make wise decisions independently. Our approach includes offering resources and advice on personal safety, legal rights, and financial management, tailored to the unique challenges faced by members of affluent families.

A Partnership Based on Trust

Our services are built on a foundation of trust, discretion, and a deep commitment to the welfare of your family. With our team’s expertise, parents can find solace in knowing that their absence doesn’t equate to a lapse in oversight or care.

Go and Live Your Life

The freedom that comes with wealth and the ability to explore the world is an incredible gift, but so is the safety and soundness of your adult children. Through a combination of open communication, preventive strategies, and the specialised support offered by Verity Henton, parents can enjoy their adventures, assured that their offspring are not just surviving, but thriving and staying out of trouble.

Together, we can navigate the complexities of modern independence, safeguarding the future of your family. Reach out to us now to see how we’ll put your mind at ease.


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