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Did you know… Female detectives are more in demand than ever before due to our gender enabling us to navigate extra discreetly through various situations. This inherent ability to blend seamlessly into diverse environments and engage with individuals discreetly enhances our effectiveness in uncovering the truth.

We provide photographic evidence for all cases. Whether it’s finding a missing person or gathering evidence for a legal case, our specialised skills,  and resources make us an effective choice for obtaining valuable information and unparalleled results.

What our customers say

"They are amazing. They talk everything through with you and make sure you are happy with what they are doing. They keep up updated with their investigation and I would never consider using anyone else. Top class."
"From the moment I rang Verity Henton I was put at ease by the calming nature and professional approach of the lady I spoke with, from that moment on I felt comfortable with the services that I required to achieve my objective. As a qualified professional myself I have to say that Verity Henton are as good as you will get. They are also lovely people to deal with."
"What a team! They are so professional and make sure they keep you updated at all times. This company really cares about their clients and I can’t recommend them highly enough."
"Fantastic service with quick results. Would highly recommend these wonderful ladies"
"Absolutely amazing service from Verity Henton! From the beginning they put your mind at ease and are caring and professional. A brilliant team and they helped me resolve so much. Highly recommend them."
"Pleasure to work with. Professional, knowledgeable and results are accurate!"
"What an amazing company. So caring, so professional and understanding. If you need help, there is only one company you should go to. I can’t recommend them more highly."
"Couldn’t recommend them enough - wonderful from start to finish - the end result couldn’t have been better!"
"I had doubts about my partner but was very hesitant to use a investigator as I was fearful of being caught checking and on what I would discover. But their history of real police work reassured me I would be in safe hands."

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