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Online Dating 101

As the nights get colder, the temptation to find companionship grows increasingly harder to ignore. With news feeds full of matching pyjamas and Christmas markets, feeling isolated is inevitable. As Online Dating continuously grows, essentially becoming the norm – it’s important to understand how to navigate your way to a perfect match. 

According to Business of Apps, over 300 million people actively use dating apps globally, with 20 million people paying for additional premium services. Hence, though you may be sceptical about joining the online dating world, you could be potentially missing out on your future husband/wife…

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

Online Dating can be intimidating at first, but don’t panic, we have put together the basic do’s and don’t when you begin your Online Dating adventure. 


  • Ensure that you are safe – First and foremost, safety is the first priority when it comes to online dating. According to DatingAdvice, 1 in 10 users of free dating websites are scammers. So, keeping an eye out for phoney profiles is vital. 
  • Use clear photos – Using blurry photos will not get you very far. Why would people match with you if they can barely see your face in your picture? Ensure you use clear, high quality photos. As well, using photos of you and your friends, family, and selfies, will increase your chances. Don’t be that guy with one Tinder picture that’s a group picture of 20 people.  
  • Show Your Personality –  Being witty, charming, and creative will appeal to people more than having nothing on your profile. Take advantage of your bio, show your personality as much as you can. Crack a joke, share your interests, or a quote. 
  • FaceTime/Video Call – Texting can become tiresome after a week. If you are not able to meet up yet, move things over to FaceTime/Video Call, where you can have a genuine conversation rather than mundane text messages.


  • Open with ‘Hi’ – In fact, any variation of ‘Hello’, is a no. It can come across as very bland, especially when Online Dating already dilutes your authenticity. Be more original, as this will entice your matches more. 
  • Use Outdated Photos – Not everyone is an avid selfie taker, but using outdated photos from your Prom 6 years ago, is not going to help you find a partner. Using recent, up-to-date photos will appeal more to your matches, as they have an understanding of what you currently look like. 
  • Give Out Your Personal Details – Unless you are certain their intentions are genuine and that they are real, do not give out any of your personal information. This can put your safety at risk. 
  • Do Not Invite Them To Your Home – If you are meeting for the first time, ensure that your date is in a busy and public space. Then, if you were in a situation where you did not feel comfortable, there would be other people around you to help. Instead, organise your date to be at a bar or restaurant

Our Services in Essex and London

Verity Henton is a team of both male and female private investigators in London and Essex. However, we are not limited to the capital, as we work all around the globe. When it comes to Online Dating, it is important to ensure that you are safe and take as many precautions that are necessary. We can check the person you’re speaking to is genuine and that there are no red flags. For more information on our investigation services, check out our Instagram, or get in touch by filling in our form.