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Online Dating: Know who you're talking to

Verity Henton Online Dating


Are they telling the whole truth?

In the modern world, online dating has become increasingly popular and the norm to meet new people. However, there is also a higher risk that people are not who they say they are. At Verity Henton, our UK private investigators have experience in dealing with online dating investigations and dating site scams on unsuspecting victims. 

Though you might be getting on well with a person and are looking to take the relationship further, do you actually know everything about them? Or, are they making excuses for not seeing you in real life and asking for money without ever meeting?

Before starting to get serious, it is important to ensure the person you are talking to is genuine so that you don’t fall victim to romance fraud

At Verity Henton, we offer comprehensive online dating background checks. Our private investigators in London will find:

  • The person’s real name
  • Who they live with
  • If they are or have ever been married
  • Their employment status
  • If they’re safe to be around children
  • Any other concerning factors

Know who they are


Catfishing refers to someone online pretending to be someone else in an attempt to deceive them. Catfishers will tend to create completely fictional backstories and use fake photos on social media or dating profiles. Where, in certain situations, they can look very convincing.

There are many reasons why a person may catfish. Certain catfishers may feel lonely and paranoid about their looks, meaning they feel like they have to appear as someone more conventionally attractive to make friends or romantic partners. However, though this may appear innocent enough, it is still actively lying to someone and causing negative effects once the truth comes out.

The other side of catfishing is more malicious. A common incentive is purely financial, where the person doing the catfishing isn’t looking for companionship. They are looking to take advantage and convince the victim to send them money.  

If you are unsure if the person you’re speaking to is who they say they are, why not contact our private investigators in London today? Have peace of mind that you are not falling victim to romantic scammers and see how we can help. 

Our UK private investigators operate professionally and discreetly, but we are also human. We will work closely with you and help you through any difficulties compassionately.

Verity Henton Online Dating & Catfishing
Verity Henton Online Dating

Making sure you're safe


Our team at Verity Henton were contacted by a lady who had been duped by someone who said he was the famous Wet Wet Wet singer Marti Pellow. The lady had liked an Instagram post on the star’s verified page and was then targeted by a romantic scammer who said he was Marti, using his private account. 

After messaging, they quickly struck up a flirtatious relationship online. This escalated to the client being sent intimate photos of him seemingly at home (our private investigators in London found out these photos were doctored). The person claiming to be Marti Pellow promised that they would move in together and he sent her details of a house for sale worth £940,000. He then told her he needed money for it, as he was waiting on money from his godmother. The victim ended up giving him £69,000. 

Our private investigators were able to verify it was a romantic scam. It is important to say that any evidence we gather can be turned over to the police to help in any future online dating investigation and investigation of fraud.

A lady, who was recently widowed, acquired a substantial amount of money. She had met a man online and wanted to check that the person she was talking to was genuine. She wanted to take the relationship to the next level, but wanted 100% confidence beforehand.

Being a high-net-worth individual, it was important for her to know this man’s background. Through our background checks, we were able to establish that the man was already living with a very wealthy lady who was 20 years older than him.

Our female detectives were able to advise her of this in a compassionate way and she has now ended the relationship before becoming any more emotionally committed. This has possibly saved her not only vast amounts of money from romance fraud but also, safeguarded her mental health.

A lady had met a male online who was catfishing as a Hollywood actor. He was very believable and had a plausible answer for everything she questioned. She was paying vast amounts of money into a bitcoin account, as he had told her they were going to start a life together and they needed to be equal. 

By doing various checks and a full investigation, our private investigators proved that he wasn’t who he said he was and worked with the police to ensure a prosecution.

An older lady, who had been through a hard time with cancer and recently being bereaved, had met a male online but had not seen a photo of him. She had spoken to him on the phone and thought he was genuine, yet there was something niggling her that didn’t feel right. 

Our London detectives were able to do background checks on the male to put her mind at ease and it turned out he was a genuine person.

A lady had met a male online and they were getting on very well but he seemed to be very secretive about his life. We conducted background checks on the male and found out for her that he has a very violent past. 

At Verity Henton, this is what we want to achieve. To protect those from uncertain dangers that may come about when online dating. Our private investigators in London have potentially prevented this lady from any further danger.

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