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Finding People

At Verity Henton, our skilled team of private investigators in London have a high success rate of finding people. With access to an extensive network of resources, our male and female detectives have the best chance of tracing a person.

From assisting with missing person enquiries, tracing debtors and finding long-lost family. Whatever you need, our speciality lies in finding people in the UK.

Every case is different. Each has its own specifications and individual requirements that our UK private detectives will have to take on board. Some will be more in-depth than others. Our private investigators in London have an excellent track record of finding people

Check out our specific people tracing below and contact us today to see how our female private investigators can help.

Verity henton People Tracing

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People Tracing

Here at Verity Henton, we have a dedicated team for tracing people. Our male and female private investigators utilise the latest technology, systems and processes for methodically tracing a person. We enjoy becoming involved in an investigation to help you find the answers you are looking for. 

Our London detectives ensure to always work within privacy laws in the UK. We work for a legitimate purpose and abide by the law throughout our investigation.

Once you get in touch with our team of UK private detectives, we will discuss the nature of your case in greater detail and show you how we can help. We will quote you for the most cost-effective solution to get answers in the shortest amount of time.

How to Trace Someone

Long Lost Family

At Verity Henton, we have an extensive history of reuniting people with long-lost family and friends. We enjoy getting to know each of our clients and become invested in their cases. Our compassionate and professionally trained private investigators will always put your best interest first and we strive to find the answers you need.

We love seeing long-lost family and friends reunite! That’s why we work at finding people in the UK in the shortest time possible.

Verity henton People Tracing
Verity Henton Debtor Tracing

Tracing a Person

What is Debtor Tracing?

It’s not just reuniting long-lost family and friends. We also take on professional and commercial cases of debtor tracing for large corporations and HNW individuals.

Debtor tracing involves utilising the same covert techniques. Only this time, it is tracing a person who owes money to another party. Our UK private detectives will access search engines and public record databases to locate the debtor. 

Without the right tracing agency, this can be a long and time-consuming process. Here at Verity Henton, we work discreetly and efficiently to get your results in the shortest amount of time. With a “no trace, no fee”, what have you got to lose?

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