People Tracing

At Verity Henton, we care about getting answers for you, whatever it takes.

We have access to a wide range of resources to allow us to have the best chance of tracing people. We can help with missing person enquiries, tracing debtors or long lost family.

Every case is different, and some will be more in-depth than others. We have a fantastic track record in finding people; contact us now.

At Verity Henton, we have a dedicated team of highly trained investigators to trace people, using up to date systems and processes, methodically going through every single line of enquiry. We enjoy becoming involved in an investigation with a client and will find who you’re looking for.

From tracing debtors to finding missing people and tracing long lost family members, we will find the person you’re looking for with minimal information to go on.
​Once you get in touch with us, we will discuss the nature of your case in greater detail and show you how we can help.

We will quote you for the most cost effective solution to get answers in the shortest amount of time.

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