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Make Sure You’re Safe at All Times

Protective Surveillance

Do you feel like you are in danger? How can you be assured of your safety? Protective surveillance allows our covert male and female detectives to follow you around without bringing unwanted attention to you.

Verity Henton PROTECTIVE Surveillance

What is Protective Surveillance?

Protective surveillance involves our team of male and female detectives covertly safeguarding a person, building or asset from a strategically safe location. We work with the individual, who is fully aware that they are being watched by UK private detectives.

We will be vigilant and cautious throughout the time period, operating discreetly to not arouse any attention. Protective surveillance is less obtrusive and allows the subject to get about their day, without feeling any danger.

Verity Henton protective surveillance
Verity Henton Protective Surveillance

Our UK Private Detectives Will Always Put Your Safety First

Why Consider Protective Surveillance?

At Verity Henton, we also utilise close protection surveillance techniques which include SIA licensed operatives being with the client. We assess and manage the risks to ensure their safety is a constant main priority. In these cases, there often is a heightened risk. However, all our operatives are ex-police detectives that have experience in protection and anti-surveillance.

Our UK private detectives ensure there are no outside risks and our anti-surveillance also identifies known criminals, press, stalkers and protest groups that may be a concern to the client.


Prior to their film’s premiere, a film director had a stalker and was becoming increasingly more concerned with their safety. They were receiving threats and were becoming more fearful with the lead-up to the premiere. We were contacted at Verity Henton to ensure our ex-police female detectives were able to help.

Our UK private detectives were able to carry out protective surveillance on the film director, in addition to covert surveillance on the stalker. From this, the film director was able to enjoy the event without the worry of being followed or worse, attacked.

If you are interested in any of our services, or simply looking for a “private detective near me”, consider Verity Henton.

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