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Supporting Your Mum Through a Suspected Romance Fraud

Recognise the Signs

Discovering that your mum might be involved in a romance scam is distressing. Romance fraudsters prey on vulnerable individuals, building fake relationships to exploit them financially and emotionally. Here’s how you can help her.

Recognise the Signs

Sudden Emotional Intensity: Fraudsters often move quickly in expressing deep feelings and affection. This rapid development is a tactic to build trust and emotional dependency.

Financial Requests: One of the most telling signs is requests for money. These requests are often framed as emergencies, such as medical expenses, travel costs, or other urgent needs.

Avoidance of Meeting: Scammers typically avoid meeting in person, offering excuses to keep the relationship strictly online or over the phone.

Secrecy and Isolation: If your mum is secretive about the relationship or withdraws from family and friends, it could indicate manipulation by the scammer.

Taking Action

Have a Conversation: Approach your mum with care and concern. Express your worries without being confrontational. Highlight specific behaviours that seem unusual and ask open-ended questions to understand more about the relationship.

Gather Information: Help your mum gather evidence about the person she’s involved with. Check for inconsistencies in their stories, reverse-search their profile pictures, and look for any red flags in their communication.

Report the Scam: Encourage your mum to stop all communication with the scammer immediately. Report the fraud to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre. They can provide guidance and investigate the case.

Seek Professional Advice: If your mum has lost money, contact her bank to report the fraud and see if any transactions can be reversed. Additionally, seek advice from organisations such as Citizens Advice or Victim Support.

Emotional Support: Your mum might feel embarrassed or ashamed about being scammed. Offer her emotional support and reassure her that anyone can fall victim to these sophisticated schemes.

Preventing Future Scams

Educate and Empower: Teach your mum about the common tactics used by scammers. Knowledge is a powerful tool in preventing future fraud.

Encourage Open Communication: Foster an environment where your mum feels comfortable discussing her online interactions. Regularly check in and offer to help her navigate online dating or social media platforms.

Seeking Professional Help

If you’re reading this, you’re probably at the stage where you would benefit from some guidance, consider hiring a private investigator. At Verity Henton, we specialise in uncovering the truth behind suspicious online relationships. Our team can provide detailed background checks and gather evidence to help protect your mum from further harm.

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