At Verity Henton, we care about getting answers for you, whatever it takes.

We have male and female covert surveillance agents throughout the UK who are trained to gather intelligence without being noticed. Whether you suspect your partner of having an affair or you’re an employer who suspects wrong doing by an employee, covert surveillance is an effective technique to establish the truth quickly.

Surveillance involves following the subject wherever they go, watching the subject to establish a daily pattern and photographing everything the subject does. We will provide a detailed report of the subject’s movements and actions which may include copies of videos, photographs and any other evidence obtained by our investigators.

Our surveillance operatives are all trained in advanced surveillance techniques to ensure each and every investigation is conducted in the most professional and discreet way. There is a lot more to surveillance than you realise; we have a method of deploying more than one operative to conduct surveillance without being detected by the subject, giving you a minimal chance of the subject ever suspecting anything.

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