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From workplaces to family problems, if you need evidence of the truth, whatever the outcome, we would always recommend covert surveillance. It is the most effective way of obtaining information in a discreet and professional way.

At Verity Henton, our male and female detectives operate all across the UK. We are not just limited to the capital. Our UK private detectives work all around the country, watching and following whoever the specifications require. 

Verity Henton surveillance

Our Female Detectives Care About Getting Answers For You

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At Verity Henton, we understand how delicate certain situations can be. So, we perform all our covert surveillance carefully and without detection. Our private investigators in London are all ex-police and ex-military who are highly trained and experienced in the most successful surveillance techniques to get the answers you need. Whether it’s helping you answer the question “is my partner cheating?” or you’re suspicious about any wrongdoings by an employee. 

Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you with our covert surveillance.

Verity Henton

What is Covert Surveillance?

Covert surveillance involves following the chosen subject wherever they go, watching them establish a daily pattern and photographing everything they do. 

At Verity Henton, our team of UK private detectives will provide information to you of the subject’s movements and actions which may include videos, photographic evidence and any other proof obtained by our private investigators in London.

Our team are all trained in advanced surveillance techniques to ensure each and every investigation is conducted in the most professional and discreet way. All our UK private detectives work within the law and are completely qualified within regulations.

Verity Henton surveillance
Verity Henton surveillance

Verity Henton

What is Protective Surveillance?

Verity Henton also provides protective surveillance services throughout the UK. Protective surveillance involves our team of male and female detectives covertly safeguarding a person, building or asset from a strategically safe location. 

We will be vigilant and cautious throughout the time period, operating discreetly to not arouse any attention. Protective surveillance is less obtrusive and allows the subject to get about their day, without feeling any danger. 

Our corporate investigators take on various cases, including both covert surveillance and protective surveillance. If you are interested in any of our services, or simply looking for a “private detective near me”, consider Verity Henton!

Find out more about protective surveillance here.

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