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Undercover and Infiltration

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What is infiltration?

We send in one or more undercover operatives to a business to gather more information than can generally be obtained with surveillance. Our operatives can pose as a customer or client, covertly recording any interaction they have with the subject of the investigation, to help the client to make more informed decisions.

At Verity Henton, our private investigators in London and Essex take on a variety of corporate services, including undercover work for businesses.

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Our infiltration Services

At Verity Henton, we can be hired to attend a business premises in covert and discreet ways. We will enter the premises as if we were a customer, covertly gathering evidence for the client.


In the past, we have been hired by a high-end hairdressing business to investigate a competitive salon. The owner asked us to book a consultation with their competitor to gather evidence on the type of hair they are using for hair extensions.

Our London undercover team were able to gather information and evidence on the company’s competitors; discreetly and efficiently.

For a business, it can be helpful to know what your competitors are offering and the type of services they provide compared to your own. Our London undercover investigators perform a discreet investigation, all while not letting staff members be aware of our identity or true reason for being there.

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Verity Henton undercover infiltration

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