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What Can Private Investigators Legally Do?

When it comes to private investigators, you might be surprised by the full scope of their job. Though you might think that they operate in an opposing manner to the police and illegally, this is simply untrue. There are ethical guidelines and legal clauses that our private investigators in London and Essex follow, along with every other reputable agency across the UK.

So, discover what is legal and illegal for private investigators in the UK below and how Verity Henton can help.

Is it Legal to Hire a Private Investigator?

It is entirely legal to hire a private investigator as long as you select a reputable company or individual who operates within the legislation of the country in which they are headquartered. However, the private investigation industry is unregulated so it is important to find private investigators who are members of the Association of British Investigators which is the only association in the industry that is recognised by The Law Society. Thus, ensuring everything they do is completely within the law. So, sorry to the likes of Jessica Jones and Phillip Marlowe, but we won’t be breaking into any homes or hacking into any computer systems.

Make sure, before you hire a professional private detective agency, that you ensure they are completely qualified and certified to operate. At Verity Henton, our private investigators in London and Essex are members of The Association of British Investigators (ABI) and The Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI) and work to the highest standards in the industry. They are also all ex-military and ex-police, highly trained surveillance operatives with a wealth of experience in different situations to ensure you are always getting the very best service.

What Private Investigators Legally Do

Well, it all depends on your poison. Private investigators in London utilise various techniques specifically depending on the specifications of the assignment. Sometimes, there is a fine line between what is ethical and what is illegal and we are very careful not to cross that line. But, within the law, we will go above and beyond to find out as much information as possible.

Private investigators can track their subjects in public places, but only in public. If you are wanting the truth about where someone has been, or who they were with, we always recommend surveillance. It is completely legal and offers sound evidence of whatever you are looking for. For more information, click here. 

What Can’t Private Investigators Do?

Although we’re good, we’re not above the law. 

Private investigators can only operate within the law and cannot illegally obtain any information, no matter if it would help solve a case. Private investigators cannot hack computers, email accounts or phones and cannot access any financial information that has not been provided by the person they belong to. 

Typical Private Investigation Services

It’s really not like the movies. Private investigators are an ideal way to solve sensitive problems, without a public uproar. With high levels of privacy and operating under the radar, our private investigators in London and Essex uncover the truth by gathering strong evidence that either disproves or confirms your beliefs.

This can include:

  • Surveillance
  • Cheating partners
  • Catfishing/Romance Fraud
  • Background checks
  • Finding people

Whatever the case, it’s important to find reputable private investigators who will work closely with you to understand your needs and get results in a timely manner. 

Our Private Investigators in London and Essex

Verity Henton is a team of female private investigators in London and Essex, covering the whole of the UK. Our services offer a full range of discreet and comprehensive investigations, including background checks, tracing people and detailed surveillance. 

For more information on our investigation services, get in touch today! Just fill in our form or give us a call at 01277 564007 (Essex) or 020 3916 5917 (London) to speak to our team today.