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Why An Affair Never Works Out

They’re ‘different’, the sex is great, and they understand you – so why doesn’t the affair work out? There is a common reason why affairs usually don’t work out. This is because once the excitement and thrill of keeping a secret dies down, it is no longer fun anymore. One in five adults in the UK have admitted to having an affair, with 20% confessing that they’ve had more than one! Why do all of them fail given how popular it is? 

Why Affairs Don’t Work Out

Since the illusion of an affair is founded on lies, affairs rarely end well. The excitement and secrecy of keeping an affair a secret contribute to the relationship’s success. When the betrayed spouse learns, the affair is much less appealing. When it isn’t a secret anymore, the new partner doesn’t seem as alluring. As a result, once an affair is revealed, it typically ends.

Types of Affairs

People today engage in many different kinds of affairs. Here are various categories of physical and non-physical affairs:

Lust Affair

This particular type of affair is the most common and is mainly based around sex. It usually feels very intense, but is also the quickest to come to an end. This kind of affair is based solely on looks and physical touch.

The Revenge Affair

This kind of affair usually deals with anger, resentment, and hostility toward their partner. As a result, the affair is based solely on revenge – in an attempt to make their partner angry, jealous, or irritated. 

The Emotional Affair 

These kind of affairs are predominantly based on emotional connection rather than physical touch and sex. People often get involved in these kinds of affairs as they feel as if they are not getting enough emotional support from their current partners. Though it does not include sexual intimacy, it is still equally as harmful. 

Cyber Affair

Nowadays, it’s very simple to hide items on your phone, so online affairs are often kept very hidden and secret.They frequently involve a sexual undertone. As well, many more people are spending more time online – so it is becoming easier to connect and speak with others.

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