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Why Background Checks are Important for Household Staff of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

No matter who you hire—a housekeeper, nanny, chef, or personal assistant— it is absolutely crucial that you  confirm they have no associations with any potentially harmful people and have no criminal past. This will ensure you only have the most trusted people working for you and your life might even be saved as a result of this. However, conducting background checks is something that shouldn’t be attempted on your own; leave it to the experts.

What Do Background Checks Involve?

Verity Henton’s background checks entail our expert detectives conducting a thorough investigation to confirm the subject is who they claim to be. It can reveal details of their past, including their education, employment and criminal history, which can then be put to a variety of uses. In essence, our thoroughness provides peace of mind for you. Our team is able to provide you with details on the following and much more:

  • Current and previous addresses
  • Birth dates
  • Aliases/previous names
  • Bankruptcies
  • Room mates/neighbour information
  • Marriages and divorces
  • Press articles
  • Employment history
  • Criminal background

Why Background Checks Are Important

You can find out about your staff’s past employment experiences, confirm whether or not they are the best candidate for the job, and determine whether or not they pose a risk to you or your family. Background checks can lower the risk of being subjected toviolent, abusive, or theft-related crimes. According to a report, 43% of all staff polled admitted to stealing personal items from the home-owner at least once.

Signs Your Household Staff May Be Stealing

Due to your busy schedule, a background check may be overlooked when hiring household staff, or your recruitment agency may only conduct a basic background check themselves with systems they have available to them. If a full background check has not been done, you are leaving yourself open to theft. The following are some telling indicators that your household staff might be stealing from you.

  • Missing cash
  • Missing inventory
  • Coming in early/late with no explanation
  • Unexplained change in behaviour
  • Communicating less
  • You seem to be spending more money on food/drink
  • Objects are often being misplaced
  • They are constantly using their phone at work
  • Lack of reviews of applicant

How Can Verity Henton Help You?

For every client, Verity Henton goes above and beyond. We have highly skilled male and female detectives who can handle your requests and provide professional investigation services. For more information regarding our services, get in touch today! Either fill in our form regarding background checks, or give us a call at 01277 564007 (Essex) or 020 3916 5917 (London) to speak to one of our team. Alternatively, follow us on Instagram!